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Releasing Collector Updates…

Dec 16 2016 [Archived Version] □ Published at ArcGIS Blog under tags  apps apps for the field arcgis online collector collector for arcgis

Following our 10.4.0 release of Collector for ArcGIS that included support for high accuracy GPS data collection, we are now pushing out a short product update on all 3 platforms. Today both the iOS platform and Windows 10 platform went … Continue reading

Top 15 maps and charts that explain Christmas

Dec 16 2016 [Archived Version] □ Published at Geoawesomeness under tags  christmas featured topgeo

It’s that time of year again. Christmas time. Time when millions of people around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, meet with family and friends, give and receive gifts. But was is it all about? We try to answer that question with these 15 maps, charts and infographics. 1. Christmas around the world source: […]

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What’s New in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (December 2016)

Dec 16 2016 [Archived Version] □ Published at ArcGIS Blog under tags  apps arcgis online mapping web web appbuilder

In this update, we’ve continued the major theme for Web AppBuilder in 2016 Q4: enhancing widgets. The team has focused on making the user experience for many widgets better, in terms of both usability and functionality. Widget enhancements: Add Data widget … Continue reading

This Week in EPA Science

Dec 16 2016 [Archived Version] □ Published at The EPA Blog under tags  it all starts with science

By Kacey Fitzpatrick Want to impress your relatives at the next holiday get-together? Wow them with some of these EPA science stories! Here’s the latest. Final Report of the Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on Drinking Water Resources This week, EPA took an important step forward in our mission to protect clean drinking water. With(...)

What’s New in Configurable Apps (December 2016)

Dec 16 2016 [Archived Version] □ Published at ArcGIS Blog under tags  arcgis online what's new december 2016

The final release of ArcGIS Online for 2016 features tons of new functionality and updates.  Specifically in configurable apps, we have updates to the configuration pages, new functionality for existing apps, improvements to current beta apps, and bug fixes to … Continue reading

Smart Speed Bumps

Dec 16 2016 [Archived Version] □ Published at In The Scan under tags  consumer

Add this to the list of everyday consumer lidar applications that may be just around the corner. It’s a smart speed bump developed by Nokian, a Finnish tire manufacturer that includes a laser scanner which measures your tire tread depth … Continue reading

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Use Arcade Expressions to Map Your Ideas

Dec 16 2016 [Archived Version] □ Published at ArcGIS Blog under tags  arcade expressions arcgis online cartographic design developer mapping

How do you make a web map if the layer you are using does not contain the exact attribute field that you need? With the December release of ArcGIS Online, you can now use Arcade expressions to get your basic … Continue reading

Hello Arcade

Dec 16 2016 [Archived Version] □ Published at odoenet under tags  arcgis esri

Say hello to Arcade. It’s been a while since I’ve made a video. I had a lot of work to do for the DevSummit recently, but this week I decided to wait until the latest ArcGIS Online release because this release introduces a new platform expression language called Arcade! Arcade is kind of JavaScripty, Pythonic...

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Using Join Features to make the most of your data

Dec 15 2016 [Archived Version] □ Published at ArcGIS Blog under tags  analysis & geoprocessing arcgis online

Join Features is a powerful new tool from ArcGIS Online (December 2016 update) that lets you transfer attributes from feature services or tables using spatial or attribute relationships. This blog will highlight some of the ways you can use Join … Continue reading

Understanding Feature Storage Reports (December 2016)

Dec 15 2016 [Archived Version] □ Published at ArcGIS Blog under tags  administration arcgis online credits database storage feature storage

As an ArcGIS Online administrator, you may be responsible for understanding, explaining and reporting the credit usage in your organization and you may have looked through your View Status Dashboard diagram and viewed a similar graphic: Many thoughts may have … Continue reading