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‘The Un-Discovered Islands’ Comes to North America

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Last year I told you about The Un-Discovered Islands, a book by Malachy Tallack that told the stories of some two dozen islands that were once thought real but are now no longer on the map. It existed only as a British edition, though a U.S. edition was said to be forthcoming. That U.S. edition is … Continue reading "‘The Un-Discovered Islands’ Comes to North America"

Feature Extraction Webinar

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Certainty 3D is hosting a free webinar on Wednesday October 25 from 11 to 11:30 EDT. The focus will be on the upcoming release of TopoDOT 10.6. Features include vertical and encroachment clearance tools as well as the official release … Continue reading

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Street View goes to the “top of the world”

Oct 12 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Maps under tags  maps

Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes from Emma Upton, Quttinirpaaq National Park Manager with Parks Canada. She shares the story behind our new Street View collection that captures the beauty of Canada’s Quttinirpaaq National Park.

Here at Parks Canada, we have a lot to say about Quttinirpaaq National Park. We could tell you it’s the northernmost park in Canada, or that it lies roughly 500 miles (800 kilometers) from the North Pole. We could tell you it’s home to 4000-year-old archeologist sites or that it’s the second-largest national park in the country. But, we don’t need to tell you anymore. Now we can show you, with our new Street View collection.

Last summer, our team threw on the Google Trekker and explored the park’s incredible terrain—it was the furthest north Street View has ever gone. Wilderness and extreme isolation characterize this area, where fewer than 50 people visit each year. The park’s name itself translates to “the top of the world” in Inuktitut, the local indigenous language.

Google Street View in Quttinirpaaq National Park and Grise Fiord, Nunavut

With treks along the ocean shoreline, climbs up to lofty ridges, strolls beside glacial melt-water rivers, and scrambles at the foot of monumental glaciers, the resulting imagery is spectacular—a digital reflection of one of the world’s most rural locations

Aside from Quttinirpaaq National Park, we captured Street view imagery of Grise Fiord, Canada’s northernmost community, and Resolute Bay, which has a population of just under 200 people.

Internet access and bandwidth are challenging in this part of the world, but we wanted the people who live in and around the area to be able to enjoy the new Street View collection. We revealed the imagery, as well as the behind-the-scenes story of how it was captured, at an event hosted by Parks Canada. And we were moved to see how excited people were to see their remote home online for the world to explore.

See all the highlights in this gallery, and a few photos of our trek below:

Singapore: Becoming a Geo-enabled Smart Nation

Oct 11 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at GISCafe Voice under tags  3d cities 3d designs airports analytics asset management

Getting to stay at a hotel that was crafted using the software of the host company is a really exciting experience. The Bentley 2017 Year in Infrastructure thought leadership event is held at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel, in Singapore, a marvel of architecture made possible in large part by Bentley software. Whenever a […]


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Will Geary’s TransitFlow project is an experimental set of tools to build animated transit flow visualizations, built from Transitland’s open-source transit schedule data. More than a dozen visualizations are available in video form here; each shows the flow of trains, buses and other forms of transport over the course of a day. Very high visual … Continue reading "TransitFlow"

Snapchat found a brilliant way of making geotagging more rewarding

Oct 11 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Geoawesomeness under tags  geo news geotagging snapchat

How many times have you found yourself looking at a friend’s Snap of a really cool-looking café and thinking, “Man, I want to go here!” Well, thanks to Snapchat’s new Context Cards feature, doing that has become as easy as getting your cat to ignore you! This feature, which can be accessed by swiping up […]

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‘The Perplexing River Systems of Middle-earth’

Oct 11 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  fantasy maps maps and literature middle-earth tolkien

Having ruffled fannish feathers with a post critiquing Middle-earth’s mountains and another admitting that they don’t like fantasy maps, Alex Acks returns with a post about the problems with Middle-earth’s river systems. Specifically, the Anduin, which breaks all kinds of hydrological rules: it cuts across mountain ranges (and parallels the Misty Mountains), it lacks tributaries … Continue reading "‘The Perplexing River Systems of Middle-earth’"

Tomlinson’s Ph.D. Thesis Now Available

Oct 11 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  academe gis tomlinson

James Cheshire reports that the Ph.D. thesis of the “father of GIS,” Roger Tomlinson, has been digitized. Tomlinson completed his thesis, “Geographical Information Systems, Spatial Data Analysis and Decision Making in Government,” at the University College London’s Department of Geography in 1974. It can be downloaded as a PDF at this link.

Thematic point clustering for data exploration

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Extracting meaningful information from large or dense point datasets can be challenging. Sometimes many points aren’t visible because they’re stacked on top of one another. Some datasets contain sparse data in some locations, but very dense data in others. Visualizations … Continue reading

Help us investigate pressing energy issues by donating to FracTracker’s Annual Fund

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Dear Friends, I’ve been fighting fracking for many years, in fact, it seems like a lifetime. I helped win the fracking ban in New York, organize coalitions like Americans Against Fracking and Californians Against Fracking, and, more recently, coordinate a major campaign called Oil Money Out – aimed at getting California politicians and Governor Jerry […]

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