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Update on Waymo vs. Uber

Apr 24 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at In The Scan under tags  the industry

As background Waymo, the self-driving car company owned by Google parent company Alphabet, sued Uber in February for patent infringement and theft of trade secrets. Waymo claims that its former employee Levandowski downloaded 14,000 confidential files before leaving to launch … Continue reading

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Monitoring ship traffic

Apr 23 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Geoawesomeness under tags  big data gis maps

Since ever oceans have been important for people as a means of transport. The containerization counts as greatest transportation revolution in the 20th century and boosted the marine cargo traffic. Today, around 80 percent of the global trade by volume and over 70 percent of the global trade by value are carried by ships (United […]

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Velodyne Announces Solid State Sensor

Apr 22 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at In The Scan under tags  3d modeling sensors solid state

Velodyne LiDAR Inc., a world leader is 3D real-time perception systems for autonomous vehicles, announced its new fixed-laser, solid-state Velarray™ LiDAR sensor, a cost-effective yet high-performance and rugged automotive product in a small form factor. With the Velarray sensor, which … Continue reading

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Mapping Global Landslide Susceptibility

Apr 21 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  earth observatory geology landslides satellite weather and climate

NASA Earth Observatory notes the release of a new map of global landslide susceptibility that models the risks of landslides that are triggered by heavy rain. “The map is part of a broader effort to establish a hazards monitoring system that combines satellite observations of rainfall from the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission with an assessment of … Continue reading "Mapping Global Landslide Susceptibility"

New NuGet Packages for ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET v100.0

Apr 21 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at ArcGIS Blog under tags  app developers developer

Recently we released some updates to our NuGet packages designed to streamline your development experience and provide you with additional resources for building your .NET apps based on the new ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET v100. Toolkit Beta 1 for … Continue reading

Wanted: More Places to Burn Natural Gas

Apr 21 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Articles – FracTracker Alliance under tags  articles data and analysis guest commentaries infrastructure marcellus shale

By Alison Grass, Senior Researcher at Food & Water Watch Over the past decade, the natural gas industry has experienced a renaissance that has been a boon to energy company profits. But it has altered the quality of life for the rural communities where most new gas wells have been drilled. Now, fracking is fueling […]

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A letter from Earth to humans

Apr 21 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Geoawesomeness under tags  climate change earth day featured geography

April 22, 2017 Dearest I know that you have dedicated this day to me and you want to honor me for everything I have given you. Fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, fertile soil to grow your food, life-saving herbs and medicines, a beautiful world teeming with diverse flora and fauna, and much […]

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Explore using infographics in ArcGIS Maps for Power BI

Apr 21 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at ArcGIS Blog under tags  apps arcgis arcgis maps for power bi demographics esri

Have you ever wondered how many people live in Los Angeles? What about downtown LA? What about a very specific neighborhood in downtown LA? And if not LA, what about your town? Use our new infographics to explore demographic information … Continue reading

Amtrak Before and After

Apr 21 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  amtrak railroads railways transit usa

Following up on this post about maps of cuts to Amtrak, here’s a visualization from Will Geary showing a week of Amtrak trips before and after the proposed budget cuts. [CityLab]

Early French Maps of the Great Lakes

Apr 21 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  1600s antique maps new france surveying

On Tuesday, Jean-François Palomino of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec gave a talk on early French mapmaking efforts in the Great Lakes region at the University of Michigan. I missed being able to tell you about it in advance, but student newspaper The Michigan Daily has a writeup. [WMS] (Palomino is one of the co-authors of Mapping … Continue reading "Early French Maps of the Great Lakes"

‘Please Return to the Map Center’

Apr 21 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  bpl education funny

April 19th: The day the Leventhal Map Center finally snapped.

Global Elevation Analysis Services Enhanced with Higher Resolution Data

Apr 21 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at ArcGIS Blog under tags  analysis & geoprocessing apps arcgis online arcgis pro arcmap

Elevation is a common foundational layer for your work in 3D; it’s the layer you place your features on, above, or below. ArcGIS comes with a ready-to-use global 3D terrain layer. This elevation data is generated from NASA’s Shuttle Radar … Continue reading

Burmese Maps at Cambridge

Apr 21 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  antique maps burma cambridge cloth libraries

Natasha Pairaudeau: “Imagine maps as big as bedsheets, and then imagine the sheets big enough for beds made wide enough to sleep extended families. Only such a double stretch of the imagination can provide the scale of the three Burmese maps in the University Library’s collection, which have recently been made available online in digital format.” … Continue reading "Burmese Maps at Cambridge"

Tube Maps of the Thames

Apr 21 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  cities london river bus tfl thames

Transport for London also operates river buses along the Thames; their maps of the London River Services are very much in the Tube map vein, in both tourist and non-tourist versions: Of the tourist version Ollie O’Brien of Mapping London says this: “We like the pseudo-tube-map styling, although it could of course be simplified even … Continue reading "Tube Maps of the Thames"

Top 5 most interesting Esri DevSummit videos

Apr 21 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Geoawesomeness under tags  dev summit devsummit esrim programming

The most recent Esri DevSummit took place from March 7-10 in Palm Springs. The DevSummit in general is geared at web developers who work with Esri technology and offers an overview of the most recent Esri technology. For those who couldn´t visit the event, Esri published a number of videos from the plenary session on […]

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