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Insights tip: Open result datasets in ArcGIS Pro

Apr 19 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at ArcGIS Blog under tags  arcgis enterprise arcgis platform arcgis pro insights insights for arcgis

One of the benefits of the ArcGIS platform is the ability to easily use and transfer data between applications.  Insights for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro are examples of two popular apps that you may want to use together in the … Continue reading

Three Themes of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5: Analytics, Automation, and Distributed GIS

Apr 19 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at ArcGIS Blog under tags  analysis analysis & geoprocessing app developers apps arcgis content

I asked Jay Theodore, Esri’s CTO to share the platform vision for the enterprise. He wanted to highlight three key themes for our latest release: ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 is a full-featured mapping and analytics platform for organizing and sharing your maps, … Continue reading

The Only Star Chart You’ll Ever Need

Apr 19 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  maps and literature science fiction science fiction maps

The successor to the Only Fantasy Map You’ll Ever Need is the Only Star Map You’ll Need, a riff on maps of galactic empires and space-opera tropes that emerged from the discussion in this thread. It’s a few years old, but Boing Boing spotted it yesterday. Previously: Mapping Star Trek.

The Earth at Night, Updated

Apr 18 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  light pollution nasa night satellite imagery uncategorised

NASA has released updated global maps of the Earth at night. The so-called “black marble” maps show where human activity lights up the darkness. NASA’s page highlights some of the differences between the 2016 and 2012 versions of the map with before/after interactive sliders. John Nelson has tried something different: overlaying the 2016 map on … Continue reading "The Earth at Night, Updated"

New Google Earth Launches

Apr 18 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  android google google earth google maps mobile

A new version of Google Earth launched today. Unlike previous versions, the desktop version runs in a web browser rather than a standalone app. Also unlike previous versions, it’s no longer cross-platform: for now at least, the desktop version only runs in Chrome, and the mobile app is Android-only. Frank Taylor has been covering the new release … Continue reading "New Google Earth Launches"

When Users Don’t Interact with Interactive Maps

Apr 18 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  cartography map design web mapping

Brian Timoney responds to the argument that few users actually interact with interactive infographics with some thoughts on how that might apply to online maps, with their sometimes-complicated, GIS-derived user interfaces. His suggestions? Static maps, small multiples, animated GIFs, text-based search—simpler, more user-friendly, more familiar UIs and ways to present mapped data.

Mapping Amtrak Cuts

Apr 18 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  amtrak politics railroads railways transit

President Trump’s proposed budget would end funding for Amtrak’s long-distance passenger routes, leaving only the Northeast Corridor and state-funded lines. Maps of the lines that would be closed share the problems of Amtrak network maps in general. Take USA Today’s map from its 12 April article on the subject: Like electoral maps that make large, less-populated areas look … Continue reading "Mapping Amtrak Cuts"

Drawing in Windows Maps

Apr 18 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  mobile web mapping windows windows 10

“Windows 10’s stock Maps app has a drawing tool that’s quite useful, especially if you have a Windows 10 touchscreen PC,” writes Matt Elliott at CNet. In addition to scribbling notes, you can draw a line between two points to get directions and measure the distance of a drawn route. My household is all-Apple so … Continue reading "Drawing in Windows Maps"

Uber’s approach to Cartography

Apr 18 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Geoawesomeness under tags  carto cartodb mapbox maps uber

Uber is a great example of a company that has built an incredible business using the core competencies of GIS at the backend and a very straightforward and intuitive UX. Their business models and other aspects of their business are up for debate but its hard to deny that they have an amazing user interface (and […]

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New Google Earth is out but it’s not existing for mapping professionals

Apr 18 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Geoawesomeness under tags  geo news google google earth

Today Google released a new version of Google Earth (version 9). Unfortunately, it’s not a new standalone desktop app. This version is again designed to run in a Web browser (limited to Chrome). There is also a new Android app (and iOS coming soon). The new version features a couple of cool improvements including destination discovery, knowledge […]

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Creating a Custom Widget for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS using the Report Class

Apr 18 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at ArcGIS Blog under tags  app developers apps arcgis api for javascript arcgis developer blog arcgis developer community

This blog post was contributed by Artemis Fili, a Technical Lead (SDK Team) in Technical Support Services at the Esri Redlands, CA office. Esri Technical Support likes to use Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS to create powerful web applications. Web AppBuilder … Continue reading

Why is China messing with our GPS coordinates?

Apr 18 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Geoawesomeness under tags  china featured gnss google maps gps

If you ever get ‘Little Red Riding Hood, a big bad wolf may eat you’ kind of lost in China, the last thing you want to use is Google Maps (through a VPN because it is banned in the country anyway!). The navigation tool that more than a billion people rely on every month to […]

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The 74 on Boston Schools and the Peters Map

Apr 18 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  cartography education gall-peters projection map projections mercator

Education news website The 74 has its own coverage of the Boston schools/Peters map controversy (is it safe to call it a controversy?), with extensive quotes from Matthew Edney, who does not mince words. (Comparing both projections to Comic Sans? Ouch.) [Caitlin Dempsey] Previously: More on Boston Schools and the Peters Map; The Peters Map Is Fighting the Last War; The … Continue reading "The 74 on Boston Schools and the Peters Map"

How Many Fake Business Listings Are There on Google Maps?

Apr 18 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  crime fraud google maps industry spam

Bogus business listings on Google Maps have been a thing for a while; a new research paper, authored by researchers at Google and the University of San Diego, tries to quantify the scale and scope of the problem. The New Scientist reports: To analyse the scope of this abuse, the group looked at over 100,000 listings that … Continue reading "How Many Fake Business Listings Are There on Google Maps?"

Travel Times in Helsinki

Apr 18 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Map Room under tags  cities finland helsinki isochrone maps web mapping

Lauri Vanhala wanted to figure out the best place to buy an apartment in Helsinki, so he built an interactive sort-of-isochrone map of the city. He explains: “I calculated the travel time from every address to every other address in Helsinki around 7:30-8:00am (about 30 billion searches total!). Then I calculated the (weighted) average travel … Continue reading "Travel Times in Helsinki"

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